Monday, 28 March 2011

Cassie's Edgy new cut

When Cassie first cut her hair back in 2009 , everybody was asking the same question " why did she cut her hair ?" I didn't think it was as bad as people made it out to be but truth be told it was slightly unflattering. I don't no if it was because her hair had very little volume or if it just didn't suit her, nevertheless she started a trend. She had the whole of London shaving the sides of there head- including me . In Wiz khlaifa (the new hip hop sensation if u will) video she shows off her brand new hair cut , both sides are shaven with a simple line design in it. I really like this cut much better than the first , i think it really suits her , who knows maybe she'll start a whole new trend. however she will NOT be influencing me to shave both sides of my hair 1. because i get bored very easily and that would be torture considering my constant need for change 2. done it before , didn't suit me a great deal , and my sides became hard to manage so i had to constantly relax my hair #unhealthy. so unless you have some good silky hair . i do NOT recommend !
what do you guys think of Cassie's new hair style ? do you prefer the old one ?

fashionSLAG, shev xxx

Melody Ehsani

Okay so I was watching Wiz khalifas "roll up" music video and I saw Cassie wearing some HOT lightning bolt earrings and I had to find out where she got them from- so the google search began. I stumbled upon where not only did i find those beautiful earrings,I found so much other stuff that i immediately fell in love with, i had to post it, thus my first ever blog post came about :) Melody Ehsani has now become one of my new favourite designers . I cant stress how love struck i am ! From visiting the site i new i had to share what i found with everyone i could.

my female crush , the beautiful cassie rocks the melody ehsani lightning bolt earrings and might i add that she rocks it incredibly well. With her hair up in a quiff it doesnt hide the fierceness of the earings at all. you can get the earrings in other colours , I personally like the black and the pink ones the most.
lightning bolt earrings $42.00

Ehsani also collaborated with keri hilson for her album no boys allowed to create a hot no boys allowed chain. I really like this one, its very simple but its definitely statement jewelery
no boys allowed chain $27.00

The femme fatale necklace is another fav of mine because its so fierce, so different. If your the kind of person that likes attention and love people asking you "where did you get that ?" this is puurfect (haha see what i did there)
femme fatale $50.00
This is the fabulous horus connected earrings, I actually fell in love when i saw these, i mean how cool are they ? . I am not crazy about the actual design on the earrings but the connecting chain is what does it for me tbh- oh and i like the colour , this pair of earrings would go really well with spring time/ summer bright colours
horus connected earrings $60.00
The "im fly" aeroplane ring has to be my favorite out of ehsanis collection. This has SHEV all over it !! I'm sitting here imagining all the things that I would pair it with. This is the defination of cool, and I am definitely going to purchase it
I'm fly aeroplane ring $48.00

here is the link to the site , you guys should really check it out trust me you wont be disappointed

The fashion slag, SHEV xx