Monday, 28 March 2011

Cassie's Edgy new cut

When Cassie first cut her hair back in 2009 , everybody was asking the same question " why did she cut her hair ?" I didn't think it was as bad as people made it out to be but truth be told it was slightly unflattering. I don't no if it was because her hair had very little volume or if it just didn't suit her, nevertheless she started a trend. She had the whole of London shaving the sides of there head- including me . In Wiz khlaifa (the new hip hop sensation if u will) video she shows off her brand new hair cut , both sides are shaven with a simple line design in it. I really like this cut much better than the first , i think it really suits her , who knows maybe she'll start a whole new trend. however she will NOT be influencing me to shave both sides of my hair 1. because i get bored very easily and that would be torture considering my constant need for change 2. done it before , didn't suit me a great deal , and my sides became hard to manage so i had to constantly relax my hair #unhealthy. so unless you have some good silky hair . i do NOT recommend !
what do you guys think of Cassie's new hair style ? do you prefer the old one ?

fashionSLAG, shev xxx

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